Dear Entrant

Once you have logged in you can save and return to your entry at any time. You can continue to make changes up to the time you submit and pay for your entry. 

In order to complete your entry you will need:

  • A photograph of your artwork(s) as digital image file(s) saved as RGB (not CMYK) JPG format, or a 30 second sample of your video(s) as digital video file(s) saved in MP4 format. Each image file can be no larger than 1mb in size, each video file can be no more than 20mb in size. Please ensure your filename is short and contains no symbols (letters and/or numbers only), and please ensure the file extension is in lower case 'filename.jpg' or 'filename.mp4'.
  • A short title for your photograph(s), plus information about dimensions, medium and sale price.
  • A brief statement about each artwork.
  • A brief CV in PDF format outlining your artisitic career to date.

When you have these things ready please proceed to the entry form. You can save and return at any time, and when you are ready to submit and pay for your entry you will need a credit card. You will receive email confirmation upon completion of your entry.

All entries must be submitted and paid for by the close of entries on Friday 13 March 2020 at 5pm ACDT.

If you are ready to proceed then click Next.