Albert's basket – a gift to the gods

Schoenoplectus validus (river club rush), algae doily, waterbird feathers, fauna remnants (sourced from the shores of Lake Albert), gold enamel paint

600 mm x 600 mm x 150 mm

If gold represents wealth and prosperity, and skeletons represent death and destruction, the golden skeletal remains represent a transposition.

Where do our values lie? Often decisions made with the best of intentions have the reverse, devastating effect. So is it nurturing vs nature or nature vs nurturing?

The offering is to appease the gods in the hope that the water drought of 2007–10 does not happen again to the Ramsar site in the glorious Lake Albert/Alexandrina and Coorong region; the elephant in the room of the Murray Darling Basin system.

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by Bronwyn Kirkman