Weeds and wasteland: dissolution, essence and embodiment of place

'Weed' species, 74 qualitative filter papers, site-specific organic materials, polymers, and stemmed glass laboratory funnel

Weeds and wasteland continues Gaye Chapman's decades long use of ‘weeds’ (wild feral, exotic and noxious plant species) as: both subject and medium; signifiers of the notion of outsider cultures and ‘the other’ in relation to nature; and ultimately as post-colonial markers in the rituals of denial of beauty/the sublime – and how this act overwrites, rewrites and manipulates memories, meaning and mark-making practices about land. Weeds are both Gaye's literal forensic-alchemic medium and metaphorical creative and philosophical expression. Weeds and Wasteland uses alchemic-organic laboratory and generative practices/processes that search for essences/quintessential distillations of meaning within a single 'weed-infested' site-specific micro-climate.

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by Gaye Chapman