Highland limb brooches with winter lichen

Fine silver, sterling silver, 18 carat yellow gold, high-fired southern ice porcelain, fresh water seed pearls, stainless steel pin

My work evolves from a love of the Tasmanian wilderness and our endemic flora. It is the result of a process of bush wanderings, specimen collecting, sketching and detailed hand manufacturing. The finished pieces aim to capture the fine details and textures within our endemic species, re-imagined in precious metal.

Highland limb brooches with winter lichen is inspired by alpine Tasmanian native snow gums. Each branch features crisp white porcelain lichen and delicate fresh water seed pearls, which mimic the first dusting of winter snowfall. They are hollow (die formed from two hand carved moulds), in fine silver with 18 ct yellow gold, porcelain lichen and fresh water pearl details.

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