Eucalyptus mantle

Dry eucalyptus leaves, eucalyptus dyed wool, silk and linen on paper

I researched eucalypts at the Australian National Botanic Gardens and made thousands of colours from the leaves and bark of 230 species. Eucalyptus mantle is made with these colours. Eucalypts are like a mantle cloaking Australia, their roots holding the soils and their leaves and branches providing habitat and shade. The patterns used reference weave structures that might be woven for a cloth mantle.

By 2085 it is likely that the habitats of more than 90 per cent of Australia's gum species will halve, and 16 eucalypt species will become extinct due to global warming1. The broken mantle visually explores these changes.

1Carlos Gonzalez-Orozco (2016). Phylogenetic approaches reveal biodiversity threats under climate change, Nature Climate Change 6, 1110–1114.

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by Sally Blake