The Path of the Eel

Winner - Paintings

Oil on board, 130cm x 187cm

Path of the Eel is a neo-Romantic Australian landscape featuring an iconic and most adaptable animal that I have admired since childhood. For the past five years, I have become intensely interested in the works and thought of Romantic artists, poets and philosophers of the late nineteenth century, a golden era for science and natural history, confirming knowledge of our profound interconnectedness. Our current cultural and political propensities compel me to see many parallels, and the historical outcomes of a previous century unfolding in a patterned manner. I also always strive to create original and memorable images which maximise the confined region of a painting and the potential of oil paint, objects which I’d like to create as akin to a new minor species in the world, evolving organically as they do from shared art history.

by Richard Dunlop