And Then There Was None

Sculpture & Objects


Porcelain, glass

each 16 x 20 x 20

We must all take responsibility for reducing the ominous effects of the human carbon footprint and for preserving the wonderful diversity of this amazing planet, our home. This is no place for sceptics and nay sayers. There is no room for apathy. Every One can make a difference. 

And Then There Was None

Ten little coral reefs, pristine and sublime
One succumbed to oil rigs and then there was nine

Nine little coral reefs, in their natural state
Tourists took some souvenirs and then there was eight

Eight little coral reefs, relied upon our Kevin
Sceptics in the Parliament and then there was seven

Seven little coral reefs, World Heritage means nix
Tanker took a short-cut and then there was six

Six little coral reefs, struggling to survive
Ignored the signs of climate change and then there was five

Five little coral reefs, growing near the shore
One got over fertilized and then there was four

Four little coral reefs, dependent on algae
One was starved of nutrients and then there was three

Three little coral reefs, trying to renew
Zygotes die in acid seas and then there was two

Two little coral reefs, drying in the sun
All the algae dehydrates and then there was one

One little coral reef, bleached and all alone
We didn’t heed the warning signs and then there was none

by Mel Manser